Meetup Group

Are you looking for fun ways to socialize your dog while meeting new people who share a reward based training philosophy? Our group’s mission was initially focused on educating the public in an effort to combat the negative perceptions that are wrongly associated with pit bull-type dogs.

However, it soon became obvious that dogs are subject to discrimination based on a variety of factors beyond just breed type. Dogs who are vocal, fearful, large in size, reactive on leash, pull hard on lead, uneasy around dogs or humans, and those that just need their space, all seem to be wildly misjudged by those who are ill-informed or ignorant about these behaviors. Consequently, what started as a group aimed at to socializing our dogs in a safe, friendly environment has grown into much more.

We schedule weekly Meetup walks to provide owners and their dogs with opportunities to socialize. If you are a dog owner who shares our reward based training philosophy and are looking for a way to have fun with your dog, then this is the right group for you!


You must be a member to participate in group walks. It is free to join our Meetup group.

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